Director General appointed in Azerbaijan's National Aerospace Agency

  24 January 2019    Read: 1551
  Director General appointed in Azerbaijan

Natig Javadov has been appointed Director General of Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency (MAKA), reports referring to the agency's statement.

Javadov took office on Jan. 22, 2018, replacing Alchin Shirinzade, who previously headed the agency.

Previously, Javadov served as head of the production association "Promavtomatika". He also held various positions at the MAKA, headed the Agdam mechanical plant and the space instruments pilot plant in Baku.

MAKA started operation within the structure of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan from 1974 as a Scientific Centre “Kaspiy” and in 1981 on its base was set up a Scientific-Industrial Association of Space Research.

By the Order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic from Feb. 21, 1992 No 580 on its base was established the Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency (AMAKA, later MAKA). From September 2006 by the Order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic MAKA is operating under subordination of the Ministry of Defense Industry of the Azerbaijan Republic.

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