Situation tense near Yerevan police headquarters, 4 policemen injured - LIVE, UPDATING, PHOTOS

  19 July 2016    Read: 5843
Situation tense near Yerevan police headquarters, 4 policemen injured - LIVE, UPDATING, PHOTOS
Injured Policemen: Chief of Police of Yerevan

The chief of police of Yerevan Ashot Karapetyan told reporters a few minutes ago that several policemen are injured and have been taken to hospital. He did not specify where and how many policemen were injured, saying that he will share details later.

Note that shots were heard from the premises of the captured Police Patrol Service Regiment but the member of the armed group Varuzhan Avetisyan said they had fired in the air. However, two ambulances left the area after the gunfire.

According to some information, there was a clash in Sari Tagh between the activists and police, the demonstrators threw stones at the policemen.

The incident took place about an hour ago. A group of citizens tried to move to Khorenatsi Street from Sari Tagh, the police tried to stop them, which resulted in a clash.

According to the preliminary information, 4 policemen are injured, civilians are also wounded.


Several dozens of Armenian citizens have gathered on Khorenatsi Street in Yerevan where an armed group has seized a police station.

According to the information received from source in the law-enforcement bodies, about a possible attack being prepared tonight around 4 am by Russian Alfa Squad.


Currently, protesters have put up barricades of their own. So far peacefully.


According to the new updates 4 policemen injured. It is reported that they had not injured from gunshoot. All injured were hospitalized.


Peop:le in Sari Tagh district tried to infiltrate police-isolated area, clashes took place, 3 policemen injured, reports citing

All the adjacent roads leading to Erebuni are closed. Almost all streets leading to Khorenatsi Street have been blocked by activists with rubbish bins. They are pushing the barricades closer to the street. The police is said to intend to use a water cannon. Khorenatsi Street is closed to traffic.


Those gathered on the street said shots were heard.

The police officers blocked the street standing in several rows, while the protesters claim that something is going on at the seized police headquarters. Two ambulance cars left the area blocked by police and headed to the hospital.

One of the activists talked to Varuzhan Avetisyan, one of those who seized the police station. The latter assured there was no attack.

Deputy chief of police Samvel Hovhannisyan is talking to protesters urging them to calm down. He assured the police station was not attacked, and described the sounds as fireworks.



The police station was seized three days ago by supporters of activist Jirair Sefilian. Deputy commander of the police headquarters was killed during a shootout. Four other police officers were injured. One of those who seized the police building was injured as well.

Protesters gathered in Liberty Square of Yerevan on Monday evening and marched to Khorenatsi Street demanding to avoid bloodshed.

The people taking the square are debating what action should the government take in the future.

Earlier on Monday, the rally participants in the center of Yerevan headed to the Erebuni district but were blocked by the police. The first deputy head of Armenian Police Hunan Poghosyan persuaded the protesters to return to Liberty Square.

Earlier in the day, Pogosyan said that an armed group has been holding five people hostage, after letting one of six hostages go. He added that the armed group refused to lay down their arms and surrender and that negotiations are ongoing.

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