EP must not regard death of political prisoner in Armenia as ordinary incident

  30 January 2019    Read: 1848
  EP must not regard death of political prisoner in Armenia as ordinary incident

The Azerbaijan Public Union for Assistance to Municipal Development has appealed to the European Parliament, AzVision.az reports on Jan. 29.

According to the appeal, protest in connection with the unjust policy of this structure was expressed.

"After the 52-day hunger strike, head of the website and deputy chairman of the Armenian Eagles - United Armenia party, political prisoner Mher Yeghiazaryan, died in a correctional facility,” the appeal said. “Yeghiazaryan was arrested for his political activity on the basis of false accusations and he went on a hunger strike as a sign of protest on Dec. 5, 2018.”

Hundreds of political activists, members of parties, former servicemen were arrested immediately after the change of political power in Armenia.

“Such a structure as the European Parliament focuses on the current processes in Armenia,” the appeal said. “The European Parliament, which sets the traditions of democracy and human rights as the main criterion, must not turn a blind eye on the incident.”

According to the appeal, the European Parliament adopted a resolution regarding Azerbaijani blogger Mehman Huseynov on January 17.

"According to the resolution, Mehman Huseynov allegedly went on a hunger strike and an accusation was allegedly brought against him,” the appeal said. “All the claims were not confirmed and no new charges were brought against Mehman Huseynov."

The Azerbaijani public, civil society institutions expect the European Parliament to immediately adopt a resolution in connection with the political prisoner who died as a result of the hunger strike in Armenia.

"Otherwise, the Azerbaijanis will perceive the European Parliament as a biased structure, deviating from the principles of democracy and operating on the basis of double standards,” the appeal said. “Parliamentarians must not regard the death of the political prisoner in Armenia as an ordinary incident. We ask you, why are you silent?! Why does the European Parliament accuse Azerbaijan of an incident which has not occurred and adopt a resolution regarding it without delay? Why does the European Parliament ignore a more heinous incident in Armenia?"

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