Avalanche in Southern Poland buries three people - Reports

  30 January 2019    Read: 1511
Avalanche in Southern Poland buries three people - Reports

An avalanche has occurred in the region of Rysy, a mountain in the crest of the High Tatras, the eastern part of the Tatra Mountains, on the border between Poland and Slovakia, according to TV broadcaster TVN24.

According to preliminary information, three people could be under the snow, while three more were reportedly in the region. A rescue operation is underway, the media reported.

At present, the rescuers have stated that there is a second degree of avalanche danger in the Tatras region.

The current winter season has been marked by a lot of snow and a high risk of avalanches.

Two weeks ago, the newspaper Merkur reported that three skiers from southern Germany had died and a fourth was missing after an avalanche swept a slope of the Austrian Alps. Record-breaking snowfall has been reported in the Alps for over a week. On the German side, an avalanche cut off the commune of Balderschwang, stranding some 2,000 residents and tourists.

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