Maduro: Oil, gold & other riches behind Trump’s Venezuela crusade

  05 February 2019    Read: 2533
  Maduro: Oil, gold & other riches behind Trump’s Venezuela crusade

Venezuela’s natural reserves, such as oil, gas, and gold, encourage the US to seek regime change there, President Maduro told RT, saying he won’t be remembered as a leader who showed weakness and ignorance to his people.

“What is Donald Trump’s ‘casus belli’ against Venezuela? The ‘casus belli’ is the oil of Venezuela, the riches of Venezuela, its gold, gas, iron, diamonds, other material riches,” Maduro said in an exclusive interview with RT Spanish. The remarks come as Western nations pile overwhelming pressure on the Latin American country.

Maduro, who is widely seen as the successor to the cause of late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, said it doesn’t matter how he will go down in history.

What does matter, he said, is that he doesn’t want to be a “traitor” and a “weak person,” bowing down to Washington.

Turmoil in Venezuela escalated on the heels of economic hardships which saw the country suffer from galloping inflation, skyrocketing prices and low living standards. Yet, Maduro believes his government has a solution to those troubles.

Admitting that “hyperinflation caused tremendous damage to us,” he suggested that the resources “kidnapped by the world” be freed for a national recovery. Aside from that, the government will work on keeping prices as low as possible and will stabilize the national currency rate.

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