Azerbaijani president: Balance of interests makes SGC project successful

  22 February 2019    Read: 2147
  Azerbaijani president: Balance of interests makes SGC project successful

The balance of interest makes the Southern Gas Corridor project successful, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said at the 5th Ministerial Meeting of the Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) Advisory Council at the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku.

“Since our last meeting last February there were two most important ceremonies, one in Azerbaijan, another in Turkey: May official opening of the Southern Gas Corridor, and June official opening of TANAP was a really important milestone in the development of the Shah Deniz field and implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor project,” the president said.

“Today we are very close to the completion of this huge energy project, three out of four elements of the Southern Gas Corridor are already in operation,” the president said. “We are glad that since opening TANAP has already transported more than one billion cubic meters of gas to the Turkish markets.”

“So, TANAP is already in operation, and there is a big progress in implementation of TAP,” President Aliyev added. “I remember last February when I addressed the Council, I talked about the completion of about 67 percent of TAP and now according to recent information it is already 85 percent. So, we really made a big progress within one year, and everything goes successfully. So, hopefully, next year we will talk about new results.”

“Southern Gas Corridor project is a project of energy diversification, diversification of energy resources is very important for producers, for consumers, for transitors, and I think we found a very good balance between producers or producer Azerbaijan, transitors and consumers,” he said.

The president added that the balance of interests here makes this project successful.

"Because we always were trying to understand the needs and concerns of each other,” he said.

“We always try, and I think succeeded, in supporting each other, and importance of this kind of meetings is really very very big,” the president said. “Because we review what has been done during one year, at the same time, we plan our future steps and then, during the year, bilateral or multilateral consultations, meetings, conferences help to move forward.”

“Southern Gas Corridor is a project of energy diversification also because its diversification of routes and sources,” he added. “Azerbaijan is a new source for energy supply to Europe and of course, building the new pipeline or pipelines, we diversify the routes. Therefore, it is full diversification, and actually it is changing the energy map of Europe, and thus, the importance of the Southern Gas Corridor is growing.”

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