John Kerry

  30 April 2015    Read: 842
John Kerry
It is not surprising that US Secretary of State John Kerry has instructed to start a "black PR" campaign against Azerbaijan and has headed it, Azerbaijani MP Musa Gasimli told on April 30.
"First of all, this occurs because this person has been bribed by the Armenian billionaires," he said.

“Despite Kerry has not been in the South Caucasus and has no idea about the location of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, he was the author of Section 907 of the "Freedom Support Act" in 1992,” he said.

"What justice can we expect from this person?" Gasimli said.

It was revealed during the recent inspection that an anti-Azerbaijani campaign is being conducted from Kerry’s office.

The National Endowment for Democracy organization has been ordered to hold this campaign. The organization that is financed from the US budget, has been trying to create “the fifth column” in Azerbaijan for many years. NED has sent millions of dollars to some NGOs and media structures in Azerbaijan from the sources in the West.

Gasimli believes John Kerry is the worst secretary of state in the history of the US.

“The processes that have been going on since he took office in the Department of State show that the US image in the world has sharply deteriorated.

"Peoples in the world nearly hate the US,” he said.

The MP said that this situation is the result of the “special merits” of John Kerry before the US people, adding that he sacrificed the US interests to the groundless Armenian claims.

“Americans will come round one day and ask themselves this question: why are Armenian interests put above the US interests and who is to blame for this shameful position of the US on the international arena? And Kerry will have to answer.”

Gasimli added that no matter how many campaigns are carried out against Azerbaijan, they will be ineffective.

“Azerbaijan will worthily hold the European Games and the country’s experience will be in demand in the future,” he said.

“The US interests require equal cooperation with Azerbaijan and it would be more advisable to abandon this wrong path in this issue,” the MP added.

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