Japan imports over 96% of Azerbaijan's exported honey

  27 February 2019    Read: 2147
 Japan imports over 96% of Azerbaijan

In 2018, 4,993.9 tons of honey, 98.6 tons of beeswax, 9.9 tons of bee glue, 7.7 tons of bee pollen and 400.8 kilograms of honey bee milk were obtained from 30,474 honey bee farms in Azerbaijan, in which 501,000 honeybee colonies are kept, Trend reports on Feb. 27.

The average price of one kilogram of honey has reached 20.6 manats, beeswax - 14.2 manats, bee glue - 118.4 manats, bee pollen - 71.1 manats and one gram of bee milk - 4.6 manats.

Azerbaijan exported 8.3 tons of honey worth $71,500 in 2018, which is by 1.8 tons more than in 2017. In particular, 96.4 percent of exported honey accounted for Japan.

The number of bee colonies increased, honey production increased by 3.5 times, while the number of bee colonies in each honey bee farm increased from 11.1 to 16.4 during ten years after the adoption of the law "On beekeeping".

According to the Azerbaijani president’s decree "On stimulating the development of beekeeping in Azerbaijan" dated March 5, 2018, individuals and legal entities involved in beekeeping receive subsidies in the amount of 10 manats for each bee colony, which has positively affected the development of beekeeping in the country.

The number of bee colonies increased by 229,300, while the production of honey - by 1,950.8 tons in 2018 compared to 2017.

(1.7 AZN = 1 USD on Feb. 27)

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