Fire stops on tanker in Black Sea after almost 1,5 months    

  04 March 2019    Read: 1024
Fire stops on tanker in Black Sea after almost 1,5 months    

A fire on the tanker Maestro in the Black Sea has stopped after about 1.5 months, the press service of the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport told TASS on Monday.


The Turkish tankers Maestro and Candy started to burn in the Kerch Strait area beyond Russia’s territorial waters on January 21. According to earlier reports, the fire on the Candy tanker stopped on February 28.

"The last spot [of fire] was out on Sunday at 18:50 Moscow time. The ship Spasatel Demidov is keeping the watch on the site," a press service official said.

The vessels’ owner was informed on the end of the fire, the source said. "They were informed. We are waiting for the end of interactions with them and will wait for response actions, a decision," the press service official added.

According to preliminary information, the incident with the tankers occurred during the transshipping of liquefied gas from one vessel to the other. Twelve out of 32 sailors were rescued, among them Turkish and Indian citizens.




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