WB reveals 3 main principles of co-op with Azerbaijan 

  06 March 2019    Read: 1142
  WB reveals 3 main principles of co-op with Azerbaijan 

The World Bank’s (WB) cooperation with Azerbaijan is based on partnership, Mercy Tembon, WB Regional Director for the South Caucasus, Trend reports. 

WB’s cooperation with Azerbaijan is based on partnership, which, in turn, is based on three principles - knowledge sharing, technical support and financing, Tembon said.

She stressed that WB supported Azerbaijan in knowledge sharing, technical support and financing in almost all spheres.

WB cooperates with Azerbaijan within the “Country Partnership Strategy”, Tembon said.

Within this document, WB, together with the Azerbaijani government, considers the spheres which need support, she added.

Today WB supports such areas as agriculture, health care, support for the development of rural areas, projects for the reconstruction of main roads, as well as the implementation of the e-court system, she said.

Tembon stressed that during a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in February 2019, the issue of using the "e-court" system in all Azerbaijani courts was discussed in Baku.

Presently, this system is used in about 10 courts, but in the future it is planned to be implemented throughout the country, she added.

She also stressed that Azerbaijan is implementing a self-employment program and the WB has been offered to participate in this program.

This program today covers 6,000 Azerbaijani families, but the coverage of the program is planned to be increased up to 20,000 families, Tembon said.

Further, she stressed that the WB also plans to take part in the program on the implementation of mandatory medical insurance system in Azerbaijan, as well as in the reconstruction of the Baku-Astara railway.

Tembon added that the WB will continue to cooperate with Azerbaijan in support for the private sector.

The private sector is the source of the creation of new jobs, she said.

The public sector does not create as many jobs as the private sector does, so the support for the private sector is very important, Tembon said.

Azerbaijan joined the World Bank Group in 1992. During this period, the bank allocated loans for the implementation of over 50 projects in the country worth over $3 billion. Seven more projects worth about $1.5 billion are being implemented.

Besides the loans, WB allocated 45 grants to Azerbaijan totalling $41.586 million in 1995-2014.

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