Azerbaijan's patience has its limits - Hajiyev

  18 March 2019    Read: 1984

'Azerbaijan's patience has its limits. Armenian Armed Forces must leave the Azerbaijani territories in accordance with the principles of the UN Security Council. Otherwise, Azerbaijan will be forced to use its rights presented in the UN Resolution,' head of the Department of Foreign Policy Affairs of the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev told 'Anadolu' news agency.

'Armenia must show its good intention during the talks. We are ready to take regular and result-oriented steps with official Yerevan for settlement of the conflict. The Azerbaijani side always shows its good intention. Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev's meetings with Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan are examples of this. Official Yerevan must also prove its good intention,' Hajiyev stated. 

'The Armenian side must take steps to continue the talks. Unfortunately, the current regime in Armenia repeats the mistakes of Sargsyan-Kocharyan regime and makes statements violating the talks. Armenia needs to take constructive and right steps. Currently, efforts of the international community is not good enough for the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict . The international community must also be resistant on this issue sending political and diplomatic messages to Armenia. Since the international community does not send such messages, Armenia continues its occupant policy. In this regard, the occupant side must be called by its name,' Hajiyev added.


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