US Embassy in Baku organizes workshop on combating human trafficking-UPDATED

  02 April 2019    Read: 1753
US Embassy in Baku organizes workshop on combating human trafficking-UPDATED

Combating human trafficking and assisting its victims were the focus of a recent workshop hosted on by the US Embassy in Baku, and involving experts from the US and Azerbaijani governments.

After opening remarks from Deputy Chief of Mission William Gill, Special Agent Rachel Simon from the Embassy’s Diplomatic Security office spoke about current methodologies for identifying and assisting victims of human trafficking.

Marija Nikolovska, Migrant Protection Assistance Coordinator for the International Organization for Migration, presented information on the current human trafficking situation in Azerbaijan. Special Agent Simon also conducted training on recognizing fraudulent travel documents that are often used by traffickers.

The workshop was attended by Azerbaijani officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, and Justice, as well as the State Border and Migration Services.



An international seminar on the topic “Role of criminal prosecution agencies in the fight against human trafficking” will be held in Baku April 3-4, the press service of the Justice Ministry reported.

The seminar will be held with the joint organization of the Azerbaijani representative office of the International Organization for Migration and the Justice Academy as part of the project “Enhancement of National Capacities toCombat Human Trafficking in Azerbaijan (ENCT).”

Representatives of a number of foreign countries and international structures, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, employees of the Justice Ministry and the Interior Ministry are expected to attend the seminar.

Cooperation in the field of combating human trafficking at the international, regional and local levels, issues of improving and applying national legislation in this area will be discussed at the event.

Hearings of presentations by representatives of Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Interpol and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) will take place on various aspects of the fight against human trafficking, exchange of experience and opinions will be held.

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