Armenian deputies refuse to come to Baku 

  21 June 2019    Read: 708
  Armenian deputies refuse to come to Baku 

Secretary General of BSEC PA (Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization) Asaf Hajiyev expressed his attitude over Armenia's non-participation at the 53rd meeting of the General Assembly of the BSEC PA which will be held in Baku. BSEC PA ensured security of the Armenian delegation for participation at the meeting. 

As usual, Armenian delegation demanded letter of guarantee. 'Armenians were given those letters. Azerbaijan once again showed that Azerbaijan has all necessary safety conditions for everybody. Armenia demands a letter of guarantee beforehand. They consider that Azerbaijan will not provide them with letter,' Hajiyev noted. 

'Previously, Armenia wanted such letter for previous meeting of the assembly held in Baku. Armenia claimed that the letter was not sent. We proved that the letter was sent since they confirmed. Afterwards, Armenian delegation confirmed that the letter was sent, however it was lost in parliament. It is not a serious approach. It is like a game,' Hajiyev added. 

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