Georgian parliament chairman resigns

  21 June 2019    Read: 1707
  Georgian parliament chairman resigns

The chairman of the Georgian Parliament, Irakli Kobakhidze, resigned, reports with reference to

The decision was made at today's meeting of the political council of the ruling party "Georgian Dream".

It is assumed that Archil Talakkadze, one of the majority leaders, will be elected as the new chairman of the Georgian parliament.

The demand for Kobakhidze’s resignation was one of three voiced by the participants of the protest rally outside the Georgian parliament yesterday. They also demanded the resignation of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the resignation of the head of the State Security Service of Georgia, which made it possible for State Duma Deputy Sergei Gavrilov to enter the country, which subsequently caused a confrontation between the people and the authorities.

To fulfill their requirements, the protesters gave the authorities one hour, after which they began to storm the building of the Georgian parliament. They almost managed to break through the police cordon, but in the end the police were able to push the protesters to the street.

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