Azerbaijan prepares proposals for liberalization of energy market

  19 September 2019    Read: 1110
  Azerbaijan prepares proposals for liberalization of energy market

Proposals have been prepared for liberalizing the energy market in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Deputy Minister of Energy Elnur Soltanov said at the 9th International Caspian Energy Forum Baku – 2019 exhibition in Baku. 

The deputy minister said that these proposals will affect efficiency in the areas of production and supply.

"Competition in the area of supplies helps to improve the quality of services, and competition in the area of production helps to reduce costs and minimize costs due to less fuel use," he noted.

Soltanov added that natural gas is the main fuel used in electricity production in Azerbaijan.

"Azerbaijan is ahead of Western countries in this area. Coal is not used in the country. Natural gas is the cleanest energy source, second to renewable energy sources. Natural gas has a high price on the world market. However, gas is supplied to the domestic energy sector at a socially-oriented subsidized price. Export of natural gas will bring in additional revenue for the Azerbaijani people and the state," he said.

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