Indian cotton expert visited Azerbaijan to explore cooperation in cotton cultivation

  05 November 2019    Read: 981
  Indian cotton expert visited Azerbaijan to explore cooperation in cotton cultivation

As decided during the 5th Meeting of the India-Azerbaijan Intergovernmental Commission held in New Delhi in October 2018, Government of India deputed an expert on cotton, Dr. V.N. Waghmare, to Azerbaijan to explore collaboration with Azerbaijan in cotton cultivation, the Indian Embassy to Azerbajian told

Dr. Waghmare, Director of the Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR), Nagpur (pioneer cotton research Institute in India) visited Azerbaijan for a week from 27 October 2019. The visit was closely coordinated by the Embassy of India, Baku, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Republic of Azerbaijan.

During the visit, Dr. Waghmare had had interactions with several officials and Scientists of the research institutions involved in Cotton research in the Republic of Azerbaijan. During the meeting the cotton crop situation in Azerbaijan was explained to the expert highlighting the constraints being faced by the farmers. Dr. Waghmare visited Genetic Resources Institute (GRI) of the National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan and discussed cotton status with Dr. Zeynal Akperov, Director and other Scientist of GRI. He made a presentation on status of cotton breeding in India and appraised of different research areas CICR is currently conducting research and its strengths. Various issues were discussed identifying constraints and sought collaboration in several areas of research.

Mr. Seymur Movlayev, Director, Agency for Agrarian Services (AAS), in his meeting with Dr. Waghmare has indicated Governments priorities and sought recommendations on cotton varietal improvement, identification of varieties meeting international standards, seed production and integrated pest management (IPM).

The Indian expert also visited Salyan district, Salyan Regional Agrarian Science and Innovation Center, experimental fields and had discussion with Dr. Sadraddin Ibrahimov, Director and scientists. During the meeting, the Azerbaijani officials highlighted issues of yield potential, seed production and distribution being faced by the farmers. The expert also visited cotton processing facility in Ujar district. During his visit to Agrarian University, Ganja City, Dr. Waghmare made a presentation on cotton breeding before the faculty and students.

The visit of the Indian cotton expert to Azerbaijan was very successful and both the sides have taken positive note indicating it as a beginning to further scientific collaboration for improving cotton cultivation by both the countries.

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