MPs from Azerbaijan's ruling party were recommended to put forward initiative on dissolving parliament

  28 November 2019    Read: 2060
MPs from Azerbaijan

At a meeting of the Political Council of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), MPs representing the party were encouraged to put forward the initiative to dissolve the Azerbaijani Parliament, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of YAP Ali Ahmadov said at a press conference, reports.

"YAP Political Council at a meeting today discussed issues related to the continuation of reforms in the Azerbaijani Parliament. The concept of reforms carried out by President Ilham Aliyev, his achievements and success are seriously discussed in society. The population feels the effect of these reforms and supports them," Ali Ahmadov said

Ahmadov stressed that the YAP does and will continue to contribute to the implementation of these reforms.

According to the YAP deputy chairman, the ongoing reforms in the country cover different areas of social life.

"Naturally, the main goal of these transformations is development of Azerbaijan, diversification of the country's economy, further strengthening of Azerbaijan's economic power, as well as providing even more accelerated development of social sphere on this base and improving the well-being of citizens," Ali Ahmadov noted.

According to him, 2019 can be considered a period when the reforms carried out by the head of state have become even more dynamic.

"This year, many important reforms have been carried out, and it will continue in the future. Particularly noteworthy are the social packages implemented on the initiative of President Ilham Aliyev and in accordance with his orders, which, I believe, were met with satisfaction by citizens," Ali Ahmadov added.

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