Azerbaijan to increase first early potato growing

  08 February 2020    Read: 633
Azerbaijan to increase first early potato growing

Azerbaijan’s Cabinet of Ministers has commented on the decision to cancel duties on the import of seed potatoes, according to the Cabinet of Ministers, reports citing Trend.

The decision was made in order to support the production of first early potatoes.

According to the decision, the exemption of import of seed potatoes from customs duties will be applied a month earlier than before. If earlier importers of seed potatoes were exempted from duties in March, April and May, now they will be exempted from state duties in February, March and April.

After importing seed potatoes, it takes 20-25 days to transport, sort, and germinate in greenhouse conditions, depending on the volume of production and labor. As a result, potatoes imported in May can only be planted in June, and this month the potato growing season in the mountains is between the sprouting and budding phases, thereby economic benefits are declining.

Following the mentioned decision, the first crop obtained from seeds and imported duty-free, will be harvested not in May, but in April. This, in turn, leads to increasing yields and abundance of crops, reducing farmers' production costs and the cost of early potatoes.

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