Minister: Slovenia, Azerbaijan should unleash untapped opportunities in services, investments

  06 April 2020    Read: 647
  Minister: Slovenia, Azerbaijan should unleash untapped opportunities in services, investments

Slovenia and Azerbaijan should unleash the untapped opportunities not only in trade cooperation but also in services and investments, Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek told Trend.

"Slovenia and Azerbaijan have long and friendly diplomatic relationship, although the economic cooperation is quite modest. Currently it is based on the trade and in the vast majority on the export of goods from Slovenia to Azerbaijan," said the minister. "This is something we need to work on although Slovenian business community cooperates quite well with the Azerbaijani companies."

Počivalšek pointed out that the cooperation has been supported by the Association of Friendship between Slovenia and Azerbaijan and also by the Slovenian-Azerbaijani Business Council. "Nonetheless, we are aware that it could be upgraded and that the exchange of information about the potentials of each country is essential."

As for the new spheres of cooperation, the minister pointed out those which are green, creative and smart, which is also in line with Slovenia’s slogan for economy and also with the sustainable development.

"I am convinced that we can create a lot of green solutions, creative ideas and take smart decisions for mutual benefit and increase the economic cooperation between Slovenia and Azerbaijan. We just need to get to know each other better," he said.

Počivalšek went on to add that in Slovenia business has been thriving, which has resulted in strong economic growth in the last few years.

"Every company and investor, which has a clear vision of business in Slovenia, sustainable attitude and responsibility is more than welcome in Slovenia.
We offer a stimulating and stable business environment," he said.

The minister said the Slovenian government is committed to improve it even further with proactive reforms and is constantly taking measures to create a competitive, transparent, simple and investor-friendly environment.

"Our central geostrategic position at the heart of Europe with direct access to the Adriatic sea and modern infrastructure are important factors of our competitiveness.
Among all our comparative advantages I would like to emphasise that our important advantage lies in people who are highly motivated, educated and experienced with good knowledge of languages and strong regional connections. They can offer tailor made services and customized solutions in combination with innovative products and technologies," said Počivalšek.

He pointed out that the companies, which are operating in Slovenia, are demonstrating every day that they can compete effectively in the global market while at the same time exploring local advantages.

"We are committed to diversify our exports further and to develop products and services with high added value. In order to accelerate this process, we wish to attract investment with high-tech products and services. Slovenia prides itself also with numerous institutions of innovative environment and research institutions, which are getting high awards on different levels and benefit from our support environment and incentives for R&D. R&D and technology transfer is just one more option for the increase of our cooperation," Počivalšek concluded.

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