Reducing state duties on consular operations proposed in Azerbaijan

  21 April 2020    Read: 906
Reducing state duties on consular operations proposed in Azerbaijan

An online meeting of the Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship of the Azerbaijani Parliament was held on April 20.

The meeting was opened by Chairman of the committee Tahir Mirkishili, who acquainted the committee members with the issues on the agenda.

It was noted that in connection with the project on amendments to the Law of Azerbaijan on state duty in the first reading, the proposed change was developed in order to reduce the state duty for a number of consular operations conducted in Azerbaijan or in the country's diplomatic missions abroad in line with the principles of social orientation.

Committee members Ali Masimli, Aydin Huseynov, Mashur Mammadov, Vugar Bayramov, Anar Mammadov and Rufat Guliyev shared their views on this issue.

Issues on the amendment to the decree № 966 of the Azerbaijani President on the state commission on delimitation and demarcation of the state border between Azerbaijan and Georgia dated June 30, 2002; on the social protection of children who have lost parents and are deprived of parental care; on non-governmental organizations (public associations and foundations); on youth policy; on the social adaptation of persons exempted from punishment in prisons; on volunteer activities; on physical culture and sports; and on advertising and on the protection of children from harmful Information, were recommended by the parliament for consideration in detail in the second reading at a plenary meeting.

Further, the committee members considered issues on introducing amendments to the Housing Code of Azerbaijan, the Code on Administrative Offenses, the laws of Azerbaijan on children’s rights, the law No. 141-IIQ on public procurement dated June 12, 2001, the regulation on the service in state tax authorities, and the decree No 952 of the Azerbaijani President dated August 28, 2013, on raising the pension of war invalids.

The parliament also recommended considering them in the second reading at a plenary meeting.



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