Azerbaijan carries out special operation against members of international network of cybercriminals

  24 April 2020    Read: 1553
 Azerbaijan carries out special operation against members of international network of cybercriminals

Officers of the Main Organized Crime Department under the Azerbaijani Ministry of Internal Affairs have carried out a special operation against members of the international network of cybercriminals, reports citing the press service of the ministry on Apr. 24.

Two Bulgarian citizens, committing cyber crimes against the banking sector of Azerbaijan, have been detained.

During the operational and technical activities of the department’s officers in Baku, Bulgarian citizens Mariann Nikolov Stoychev and Vladislav Cvetanov Mladenov have been detained.

During the investigation, it has been discovered that these persons, using special equipment, microcircuits and other accessories used in cybercrimes, broke into ATMs of various banks in Baku. Members of the group who arrived in Azerbaijan in February and March 2020, through the prepared plan, tried to steal large amounts of cash breaking the ATMs. Having placed special devices in ATM’s card reader, they received information about PIN-codes of the customers' cards and recorded them.

In their testimonies, the detainees noted that after a full and comprehensive study of the card information, they were going to transfer money to the accounts of foreign banks, jointly opened under fake documents with other members of an organized criminal group in European countries.

During house-check they rented in Baku, numerous carriers of electronic information, special equipment for installation in ATMs, laptops, a list and diagrams of the territories where the ATMs were hacked, as well as other material evidence and devices for obtaining information from bank cards were found and seized.

In order not to arouse suspicion among others, group members hid special devices for hacking ATMs in a loudspeaker, which they constantly carried with them.

A criminal case has been instituted under Articles 272.3, 177.2.3-1 and 177.2.1 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan (theft committed by a group of people using electronic storage media and information technology, illegal seizure of computer information), and a preventive measure was taken against Stoychev and Mladenov in the form of arrest.

Relevant operational investigative measures to establish links of a transnational organized criminal network in European countries and to identify other criminal acts of the detainees are ongoing.

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