Russia’s coronavirus cases surpass 80,000

  26 April 2020    Read: 1171
 Russia’s coronavirus cases surpass 80,000

The number of coronavirus cases in Russia has risen by 6,361 over the past day, reaching 80,949, the anti-coronavirus crisis center said on Sunday, reports citing TASS.

"Russia has registered a rise in coronavirus infection cases to 80,949 (+8.5%) in 85 regions. Some 517 people have been discharged after recovering over the past day and 6,767 over the entire period. Over the past day, 66 coronavirus patients have died. The total death toll in Russia is 747," the crisis center reported.

Some 45.9% of new cases (2,920) are without any symptoms.

According to the crisis center, the average daily growth in the number of coronavirus cases has slowed down to 9.5% from 15.3% a week earlier. Over the past seven days, the number of infections has risen by 88.9% compared with 171.1% last week.

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