Coronavirus scandal: Armenia apologizes to Georgia

  24 May 2020    Read: 1466
    Coronavirus scandal:   Armenia apologizes to Georgia

Armenia’s Health Ministry has expressed an apology to Tbilisi through diplomatic channels, Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani told reporters, informs.  

Armenian Health Minister Arsen Torosyan earlier said that the anti-epidemiological system in Georgia is different from the Armenian one, and not for the better. Torosyan noted that the small number of infections and deaths among COVID-19 in Georgia can be explained by shortcomings in terms of the methodology and quality of tests carried out in a neighboring country.

The Armenian minister’s remarks caused an acute reaction from the medical establishment of Georgia. Senior health officials in Georgia assured that the country's COVID-19 statistics are completely transparent.

Zalkaliani said that Armenian Health Ministry stated its position through the Georgian Embassy in Yerevan. After Tbilisi’s reaction, Armenia has expressed an apology over the remarks.


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