Armenia's occupation policy exposed at the UN

  02 June 2020    Read: 1224

On May 27, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United Nations attended the open discussions organized by the UN Security Council on the protection of civilians during armed conflicts in video format and made a speech, reports citing the Azerbaijan MFA. 

The issue discussed by the Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan to UN was of utmost importance for the UN Security Council, the international community and especially, for Azerbaijan.

The international community has been informed that civilians suffer from new or long-lasting armed conflicts, tens of thousands of civilians have been killed or injured, and millions have been displaced from their homelands.

The Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan to the UN also provided detailed information on Armenia's occupation policy and its consequences, particularly, the damage to the Azerbaijani civilians and infrastructure and the ongoing illegal activities of the occupant country. It was noted that 250,000 Azerbaijanis were forced to leave Armenia in the late 1980s, which was often resulted in their deaths. Besides, tens of thousands of people lost their lives as a result of the war started by Armenia against Azerbaijan in the late 1991-early 1992. Civil infrastructures and other properties were damaged as a result of the Armenian violation. 

Besides, Armenia pursues a purposeful policy by carrying out military construction work in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan and changing the demographic, cultural and physical features of the territories. It was highlighted that these activities pose a threat to peace, security and stability in the region. 

Our Permanent Mission to UN also referred to the recently published report "War crimes in the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia's responsibility", stating that the report reflects the evidence of war crimes committed by Armenia.

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