Protest staged outside Armenia parliament

  04 June 2020    Read: 1543
 Protest staged outside Armenia parliament

"The 79 MPs who voted for the adoption of the convention, and the President who signed it and became a participant in the conspiracy behind the nation, must definitely resign," Aram Khanzadyan, a member of the Public Initiative for the Preservation of Armenian Values, stated this Thursday outside the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia where, along with some fellow activists, he is staging a protest against the NA’s passing of the Lanzarote Convention, which refers to the sexual education of children, reports citing the Armenian media. 

Khanzadyan notes, this convention is against the culture and traditions of Armenia, and its adoption is an unacceptable and anti-Armenian move. "Our demand is that the National Assembly-adopted Lanzarote Convention—which will bring sex education to the education environment, thus an attempt will be made to give sex education to our children without asking us, without discussing with us—be canceled," the activist added.

He also adds that, there is an international experience that the adoption of such conventions has led to an increase in sexual violence against children.


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