Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry discloses volume of harvested cereal crops

  24 June 2020    Read: 700
Azerbaijani Agriculture Ministry discloses volume of harvested cereal crops

Some 1.6 million tons of cereals were collected from a 496,400-hectare area in Azerbaijan, as of June 24, which is 49.1 percent of the entire crop, reports on June 24 referring to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Agriculture.

In particular, 880,080 tons of barley (78 percent) were harvested from a 370,000-hectare area, 686,700 tons of wheat - from a 206,700-hectare area.

The average barley yield is 30.4 centners per hectare, average wheat yield - 33.2 centners per hectare. The average grain yield is 31.5 centners per hectare.

Grain harvesting is underway in 22 districts.

Barley yield in Aghdam district reached 36.4 centners per hectare, Beylagan district - 30.5 centners per hectare, Barda district - 39.8 centners per hectare, Bilasuvar district - 32.3 centners per hectare, Fizuli district - 31.3 centners per hectare, Imishli district - 38.4 centners per hectare, Neftchala district - 27.8 centners per hectare, Saatli district - 36.4 centners per hectare, Sabirabad district - 37.9 centners per hectare and Yevlakh district - 28.6 centners per hectare.

Some 1,694 combines are involved in the harvesting process, of which 592 are combines that are on the balance of the regional offices of Agroleasing OJSC, as well as 919 combines owned by individuals and legal entities.

In total, more than 1,700 combines are planned to be involved in the harvesting process.

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