President Ilham Aliev gives instruction to Operational Headquarters

  24 June 2020    Read: 1303
 President Ilham Aliev gives instruction to Operational Headquarters

"Coronavirus is not so dangerous for young people. Therefore they think they will recover soon even if they get infected. Well, you will recover, but you may infect elderly people and threaten their life. Should we endure this irresponsibility? This is a crime. Therefore, there must be public condemnation and very strict state control."

President Aliyev made the remark while talking about the situation with the coronavirus pandemic in our country at a meeting with a group of health workers after viewing the conditions created in the modular hospital in Ganja.

"I have instructed the Operational Headquarters that there should be very strict state control. In this case, In this case, we can take all measures more quickly and get out of this situation effectively. Doctors work hard under difficult conditions, wearing protective coveralls, medical masks and glasses - to treat patients diagnosed with coronavirus. We highly appreciate their efforts and dedication. However, people should consider that a doctor also infects the virus and unfortunately dies. We involve all doctors for coronavirus treatment, but we don't have twice as many doctors. If the pandemic is more widespread, where we will place the patients. New hospitals are being built and we have enough beds for newly-infected people, but how can we increase the number of doctors?! Everyone should take responsibility and think about it", the head of state said.

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