European countries widen virus-fighting measures

  28 July 2020    Read: 681
European countries widen virus-fighting measures

Spurred by fears of resurgent infections, several European countries are adopting fresh measures to combat transmissions.

Belgium on Monday tightened restrictions on social gatherings - from Wednesday residents will be allowed to see a maximum of five people outside of their families. The number of people allowed to gather in public has also halved - to 100 indoors, and 200 outdoors. Belgium has one of Europe's highest infection rates and it is rising. In the past week an average of 279 people daily have caught coronavirus in the country, compared with 163 a day the week before.

Meanwhile in Germany, Health Minister Jens Spahn has said coronavirus tests compulsory will be made compulsory for anyone travelling into the country from high-risk areas.

Neighbouring France has also ordered night curfews for beaches in Quiberon after a cluster of cases emerged in the Brittany resort last week.

Spain is rushing to save its tourism industry while cases of coronavirus rise in areas of Catalonia and Aragón. Spanish officials insist the virus is under control.



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