Ashkenazi Jews living in Azerbaijan prayed for victory - PHOTOS

  08 October 2020    Read: 1315
 Ashkenazi Jews living in Azerbaijan prayed for victory -  PHOTOS

Ashkenazi Jews living in Azerbaijan gathered in a synagogue in Baku today to pray for the victory of our glorious army in the ongoing battles for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, reports.

Our Jewish compatriots gathered in the synagogue and prayed for the liberation of our lands, the return of our soldiers to their homes and the full restoration of Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, and the establishment of peace in our country and around the world.

It should be noted that worship was performed on the basis of a special permission, taking into consideration of all the necessary restrictions due to pandemic. Speaking at the religious ceremony, Shneor Segal chief rabbi of the Ashkenazi community of Azerbaijan stressed that the Jewish community of our country has always supported the Azerbaijani people: "We love our homeland Azerbaijan and it is a great honor for us to protect it. Here, as members of different nations and religions, we can live and represent our culture and religion.With the prayer ceremony we held today, we prayed for each of our soldiers who fought for the homeland, for our army as a whole, and wished them victory from God without loss. We believe that we will hold the next ceremony in Shusha. "


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