Armenian officials flee Karabakh

  03 November 2020    Read: 641
Armenian officials flee Karabakh

Armenian soldiers and servicemen, as well as high-ranking officials fled Karabakh with fear of fighting against Azerbaijan, Armenian media reports.

Many officials who fled Karabakh to avoid the war have been fired.

Karabakh separatist regime dismissed the officers as follows:

"The President's Aide" Rudik Martirosyan;

" Deputies Prosecutor General" Erik Verdiyan and Sasun Gabrielyan;

" the State Statistics Council member" Armen Soghomonyan;

" Central Election Commission member " Yegishe Sogomonyan;

" Labor and Social Protection Minister of President " Arkady Soghomonyan;

" Deputy Minister of Planning and architecture" David Avanesyan;

" Education and Science Minister" Eric Grigorian

" Presidential Aide on Administrative Affairs"  Artak Arstamyan, and  other fugitive officials will be fired and prosecuted.

This fact once again confirms that since the beginning of the war, there has been desertion and chaos in the Armenian army. 

That is why Armenians attract mercenaries and terrorists to the army. 

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