Armenia engulfed in chaos: Separatists fleeing Karabakh

  04 November 2020    Read: 1001
  Armenia engulfed in chaos:  Separatists fleeing Karabakh

The Armenian government continues to make contradictory statements on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. While Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan accuses Turkey of hindering the settlement process and sticking to its destructive role, President Aram Sarkissian believes Moscow-Ankara cooperation can help resolve the conflict. All these statements show that the Armenian government does not have a unified position, and Pashinyan is unable to control the current situation.

The Armenian authorities and Karabakh separatists are also voicing contradictory statements. While the Armenian authorities strive to cover up the fact that Azerbaijan has achieved serious success on the front, the separatists admit that the Azerbaijani Army has advanced enough, hinting at Yerevan’s efforts to hide this information.

Everyone expects arms shipments from Armenia to the occupied territories, on the contrary, weapons are transported from Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia. Dozens of such facts have already been revealed, which indicate a possible armed uprising in Armenia.

Armenian citizens voluntarily refuse to go to Karabakh to fight. Armenian lawyer Robert Hayrapetian wrote on his social media account that maternity hospitals do not issue birth certificates to the newborns whose fathers refuse to go to war and, in fact, those newborns and mothers are taken hostage.

The Armenian side has been refusing to disclose the number of its military casualties for 3-4 days. The previously announced figures have triggered great discontent in Armenia. The Pashinyan government does not disclose the exact number of military casualties, because it fears the people’s anger.

The illegal regime in Karabakh is engulfed in chaos. It is unknown whether the separatist leader Araik Harutyunyan is alive. The fate of the separatist regime’s former “defense minister” is unknown, and the “deputy defense minister” was killed. “High-ranking” Armenians have already fled Karabakh.

Against the backdrop of the deepening chaos, the Armenian side continues spreading fake news. However, this process has become so chaotic that Armenians themselves are confused by their fakes. Armenian Justice Minister Rustam Badasyan said the “third mercenary” has already been captured and interrogated. He later apologized, saying that the news has not been confirmed.


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