Another journalist assaulted by Armenian lobby - Azerbaijani president's assistant

  05 November 2020    Read: 489
 Another journalist assaulted by Armenian lobby - Azerbaijani president

Now journalist of Italian La Republica Peitro Del Re is under an abusive attack of Armenian lobby, Assistant to the Azerbaijani President, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidential Administration Hikmat Hajiyev tweeted, reports.

"Now journalist of Italian La Republica Peitro Del Re is under an abusive attack of Armenian lobby. It was also the case with TF1 and NY Times journalists who were physically threatened by Armenian lobby. We strongly condemn such attacks against to free media/freedom of expression," Hajiyev said in his tweet.

"We call Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and OSCE media freedom to condemn and deplore physical/verbal threats/abusive personal attacks against professional journalists/media who covered objective realities of Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. We must respect freedom of expression," he added.

Note, Liseron Boudoul, a staff reporter for the French TV channel TF1, began receiving hate messages on Facebook and Twitter and was insulted as “genocidal whore,” after TFI broadcasted her report on its 8 p.m. news programme on 22 October. She was also subjected to pressure via a WhatsApp text from someone who had managed to get her personal phone number. TF1 was itself also targeted by systematic harassment on social media and in emails and phone calls.

Also, earlier in October, two reporters for a leading French daily also got online threats from the Armenian community after publishing articles about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The social media users called the reportage, which was aired on Facebook, "misinformation". Some commented: "It’s possible that with a few beheadings of senior TF1 personnel, they will think better and more clearly." The day after Boudoul’s report was broadcast, members of the Armenian community demonstrated spontaneously outside TF1’s headquarters in Paris in protest against what they regarded as the TV channel’s biased coverage.

A few days ago, TF 1 made a reportage from the Armenian front about the conflict between the two countries. Finally, Liseron deleted Budul's reportage from the website to tensions with the Armenian community.

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