Nikol Pashinyan deceived people - Armenia's ex-ambassador to Vatican

  10 November 2020    Read: 384
Nikol Pashinyan deceived people - Armenia

Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan and his herd deceived people, misleading them with rumors of "victory", Former Armenian Ambassador to the Vatican Mikael Minasyan wrote on his Facebook page. 

“He signed and gave away 7 districts. He gave Shusha between the lines. Not a word about the return of the lost areas in Hadrut, Martakert and Martuni. Not a word about the right of the Armenian people to life. For 44 days the army fought heroically. Nikol and the herd tricked people into deceiving them with rumors of "victory" in order to do so. An insane miscarriage stole our past, defiled the present, deprived thousands of parents of their children, destroyed our victory, devoured our future ... He signed it... Damn you Nikol and your herd,” wrote Minasyan.

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