Aghdam Mosque lighted up - PHOTOS

  22 November 2020    Read: 1158
 Aghdam Mosque lighted up -  PHOTOS

Juma Mosque in the liberated Aghdam region was lighted up. New photos of the mosque was spread on social platforms. 

The Armenian Armed Forces occupied most of the territory of Aghdam district on July 23, 1993.

As a result of the military aggression that lasted until May 12, 1994, the Armenians managed to occupy 846.7 square kilometers of the territory of Aghdam district, that is, 77.4 percent of the total area.

Some 5,897 people became martyrs, 3,531 people became disabled, 1,871 children lost parents in the bloody battles for Aghdam district during more than five years. More than 126,000 residents of Aghdam district were forced to leave their houses.

In accordance with a tripartite declaration signed by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan on November 10, 2020, Aghdam district was transferred to Azerbaijan on November 20. 

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