"How Khankendi became Stepanakert" in foreign media

  27 November 2020    Read: 467
"How Khankendi became Stepanakert" in foreign media

A number of the world`s leading news portals have broadcast documentary "How Khankendi became Stepanakert" in different languages.

Produced by the State Translation Center, the documentary was broadcast by Turkey's Alternatiftarih, Egypt's Al-Wasila News, Asia Al-Yaum, Nile-News, Iraq's Iraq-News, United Arab Emirates' Sada Online, Palestine's Bayader, Kuwait's" 8-press, China's Alharir.info, Ukraine's Kievinform, Spain's Turaz.es websites.

Based on documentary archives, the film tells the ancient history of Khankendi, the Armenians' policy of Armenization of Karabakh, including the ancient Azerbaijani city of Khankendi and their brutalities against the local population.

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