Azerbaijan keen to develop relations with Turkey, Pakistan in almost all spheres

  20 January 2021    Read: 303
Azerbaijan keen to develop relations with Turkey, Pakistan in almost all spheres

Azerbaijan is keen to develop relations with Turkey and Pakistan in almost all spheres as reflected in the agenda of the trilateral meeting that covered a wide range of issues including those related to the cooperation in science, technology, culture, economy, and military, reports citing the Eurasia Review news agency.

The report made this note while citing the trilateral meeting between Turkey, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan that was held in Islamabad on January 13, 2021, as well as the declaration signed as a result of the meeting.

“The declaration signed by the three ministers expressed the sides’ support to each other in the most fateful challenges faced by them,” says the report, adding that reiterating the support of the sides to the resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict within the internationally recognized borders of Azerbaijan, the document underscored their solidarity in Azerbaijan’s efforts to rebuild and rehabilitate liberated territories.

"The resolution of the Armenia – Azerbaijan conflict, the opening of regional transportation and communication channels that had been blocked due to this conflict, and the proposals to build a wider regional cooperation platform in the South Caucasus provide more opportunities for the future of Azerbaijan’s relations with Turkey and Pakistan."

The Pakistan-Azerbaijan-Turkey trilateral cooperation platform constitutes, an important element in Azerbaijan’s foreign policies, noted the message.

In terms of Azerbaijani-Turkish cooperation, the report said that Azerbaijan has established or joined several platforms for cooperation with Turkey, its major ally in international relations.

“The Turkey – Azerbaijani partnership in the non-military spheres has likewise recorded new highs in recent years,” noted the report, adding that the establishment of visa-free travel and the recent agreement on the travel with an identity card as a border crossing document is likely to further boost the relations between the two countries.

The opening of Azerbaijan’s Trade House in Pakistan, establishment of working groups to explore investment opportunities, expanding the legal framework in the field of food security and trade, investing in the textile, pharmaceutical, and energy sectors, as well as developing cooperation between small and medium-sized businesses are in the agenda of the Pakistan – Azerbaijan relations, said the message regarding relations between Azerbaijan and Pakistan, adding that the launch of direct flights between Azerbaijan and Pakistan in the near future will make a significant contribution to the intensification of mutual ties.

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