New COVID-19 variant not recorded in Azerbaijan

  08 February 2021    Read: 943
New COVID-19 variant not recorded in Azerbaijan

A new COVID-19 variant has not yet been recorded in Azerbaijan, said infectious disease doctor Farrukh Sadirov.

According to Sadirov, it is premature to talk about the clinical revelation of the COVID-19 genetic mutation.

Data on the clinical revelation of COVID-19 began to clear up six months after the outbreak of the pandemic, and its new clinical revelations are still being recorded, the infectiologist noted.

“Therefore, it is too early to speak about the clinical revelations of mutant viruses registered in the UK and Brazil. It is not yet possible to say which age group the mutated virus will affect more, etc. Preliminary opinions are associated with a higher rate of its spread, but there is still no information on the severity of the disease,” said Sadirov.

Despite all this, precautions, as always, must be taken, and the methods of protection against the virus, regardless of its mutations, remain the same, the infectiologist added.

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