Azerbaijani official: Effective protection of state borders is key to ensure international security

  09 September 2013    Read: 329
Azerbaijani official: Effective protection of state borders is key to ensure international security
Currently, under the conditions of globalization process and integration of different countries into the international community, effective protection of state borders is one of the key measures to ensure international security, Deputy Head of Azerbaijani Presidential Administration, Defense Issues Assistant to Azerbaijani President, Lieutenant-General Vahid Aliyev said at the 70th meeting of CIS Council of Border Troops` Commanders.
"Protection of state borders is an effective tool against international terrorism, separatism, transborder organized crime, illegal migration, smuggling of drugs and components of the weapons of mass destruction. All member-states present at this meeting face these topical and in many cases tragic problems; some less, some more, but absolutely all. Azerbaijan also faces a problem, which as we believe, is based on separatism, and we live with it right now," Aliyev noted.

Today, when the world becomes increasingly smaller, more transparent, all of us understand that our borders start on our territories, he noted.

"People who protect our borders also protect your borders. Our rights for mistake increasingly decrease, and responsibility grows. International cross-border cooperation gains more significance against this background. Insuring of border security is also one of the priorities of state security system and serves as a guarantor of stability in the region. Currently, the specificity and character of threats on state borders, as well as the tasks of border guards, requires new methods and attitudes in the sphere of ensuring border security between our states," Aliyev said.

According to him, currently Azerbaijan is in a worthy place in the international community and the country`s authority at the international arena increases year by year.
Aliyev said Azerbaijan`s achievements cover political, economic, geopolitical, energy, cultural and other spheres.

As examples, he brought up the holding of "Eurovision" international contest, World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, International humanitarian forum, The World Economic Forum (Davos Forum), 12th ECO summit, all for the past year and a half.

"It is necessary to mention the fact that Azerbaijan, having been elected a non-permanent member of UN Security Council for the first time in its history, began its activity in this organization from January 1, 2012. Azerbaijan was presented at the event of G20 states in Mexico and at Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul," he said.

As a result of stable domestic policy, high rates of economic development, successful social policy and improving the population`s well-being, Azerbaijan turned to a favorable platform for holding various international events, which is evident by holding meeting of CIS Council of Border Troops` Commanders in Baku, Aliyev stressed.

"Azerbaijan`s development as a democratic state, stabilization of socio-political situation within the country, expansion of international cooperation, as well as ensuring the security of transport corridors and export pipelines, exploitation of oil fields in the Caspian Sea, made it necessary to make fundamental changes in border services, the logical conclusion of which is the creation of a separate State Border Service of Azerbaijan," Aliyev noted.

He went on to note that Azerbaijan`s leadership fully supports the measures aimed at strengthening border security, systems of integration of border control and adoption of new norms and methods of border control.

"Only in recent ten years the Head of the State visited various units of the country`s border service 19 times and became personally familiar with the situation in the sphere of state border security. The budget of border services has increased by seven times since 2005," the Lieutenant-General said.

According to him, great work was carried out for creating a modern border infrastructure, the material and technical base was improved and around 1,200 apartments, Olympic Sports Center and a holiday home were commissioned.

"Coast Guard units were created at the Caspian Sea in 2005 in order to strengthen control from air and ensure border security. Special attention is paid to the issues of improving qualifications of the personnel. Academy of State Border Service was created in accordance to the President`s decree," Aliyev said.

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