"Armenia's refusal to provide maps of mines on Azerbaijan's lands is concerning"

  10 April 2021    Read: 710

Armenia’s refusal to release the maps of minefields planted in territories of Azerbaijan subjected to its military occupation is of particular concern and accounts for yet another severe breach of international humanitarian law, Tahir Taghizade Azerbaijani Ambassador the UK wrote in an article to Emerging Europe News Agency. 

“Landmines are used by Armenia as part of a deliberate strategy of revenge to deny return of hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis ethnically cleansed by Armenia to their homelands and inflict as much unnecessary human suffering as possible. Since the signing of the trilateral statement more than 20 citizens of Azerbaijan, including 14 civilians have been killed and more than 85 citizens, including 16 civilians have been seriously injured as a result of mine explosions,” the ambassador wrote.

He noted that Armenia’s conduct continues to impede realisation of the vision of peace, security, and cooperation in the region.

“The international community should urge Armenia to fulfill all its obligations arising from international law, as well as the joint statements signed on November 10, 2020 and January 11, 2021,” Taghizade said.

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