Armenia's refusal to share mine maps must be regarded as violation of int'l law, Russian expert says 

  22 April 2021    Read: 1208

Armenia's refusal to provide minefield maps to Azerbaijan must be regarded as a violation of international law. Darya Grevtsova, a political scientist, Deputy Director of the Russian Institute for Political Studies, told Trend.

“There can be no lack of minefield maps, because the Armenians themselves could have been blown up by mines. Secondly, such cards are always copies. Therefore, Armenia should be forced to hand over minefield maps to Azerbaijan,” the political scientist said.

“The refusal to provide maps of minefields must be taken as a violation of international law, for which Yerevan should be held accountable. It is also necessary to call on all international organizations to put pressure on Yerevan,” Grevtsova noted.

Grevtsova said Armenia understands that without demining the liberated territories, Azerbaijani refugees will not be able to return to their native lands.

“It is indeed difficult for the civilians of Azerbaijan to return to their native lands while they are mined,” she said.

“Therefore, an important task is to find ways for safe mine clearance,” Grevtsova added.

In the meantime, a group of civil society organizations working in the war-affected regions of Azerbaijan has recently issued a petition against Armenia on the world-famous website, urging Armenia to hand over maps of minefields to Azerbaijan.  

Today, well-known public figures of our Azerbaijan Chingiz Abdullayev, Azer Garibov, as well as Israeli international expert Arye Gut called on everyone to join the petition.

Azerbaijani citizens also can visit the website and sign the petition.”

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