Pashinyan's supporters attacked Kocharyan's headquarters - VIDEO

  07 June 2021    Read: 413

Political tensions continue in Armenia before the elections, reports citing the Armenian media. 

Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan's supporters attacked former Armenian president Robert Kocharyan’s polling stations. Clashes occurred between the sides. 

Another incident occurred in Charentsavan city yesterday evening. Pashinyan’s supporters attacked the headquarters of the ‘Hayastan’ bloc headed by Robert Kocharyan and threw eggs at the building. 

Pashinyan's supporters threw eggs at the headquarters and insulted the people: “Whoever votes for Kocharyan will be no different from our neighbors,” they shouted.

Pashinyan’s supporters also broke doors and windows of the headquarters. In the end, a hand-to-hand fight broke out between the sides. 



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