Azerbaijan continues to create infrastructure in Aghdam

  05 September 2021    Read: 312
Azerbaijan continues to create infrastructure in Aghdam

The first trip of local residents to Azerbaijan’s Aghdam district liberated from the Armenian occupation was organized on Sept. 5 and this is a very significant day, said Emin Huseynov, Special Representative of the Azerbaijani President, reports. 

"The guests are now reviewing the general plan of Aghdam city," Huseynov said. "The large-scale work is being carried out in Aghdam."

"The development of the general plan of Aghdam was launched immediately," the special representative noted. "As you know, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev took part in the presentation of this general plan to the public during a visit to Aghdam on May 28, 2021."

"The creation of basic infrastructure, as well as the construction work, continue amid all these processes," Huseynov said. "Unfortunately, Aghdam is full of numerous unexploded ordnance and mines. This creates a lot of difficulties in our activity. However, the work is being conducted very quickly."

"We see this trip as part of the great return," he added. "These trips will continue until the internally displaced people return to their native lands."

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