"Vaccination must not cause inequality" - Former Israeli President

  05 November 2021    Read: 207
 "Vaccination must not cause inequality" - Former Israeli President

"The vast majority of population has been vaccinated in Israel in a short period of time. 6 million people were vaccinated with the first dose and 3 million with the second dose. 2 million people received the third dose. Vaccination of children under 12 has started in the country,"  former President of Israel Dalia Itzik said at the panel on the topic "Health and Vaccination of People" within the framework of the VIII Global Baku Forum titled "The World after COVID-19". 

"As we lower the age, the vaccination rate decreases. We have difficulty regarding the vaccination of young people. The reason for this is spread of false news. Vaccines must be accessible to all. The countries must join to the international agreements in this field."


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