“Karabakh – Winter Wonderland” exhibition opens in Baku

  17 November 2021    Read: 119
“Karabakh – Winter Wonderland” exhibition opens in Baku

The gingerbread exhibition "Karabakh – Winter Wonderland", marking the anniversary of Azerbaijan’s glorious victory in the Patriotic war, has officially opened at Port Baku Mall.

Representatives of ministries and companies, bloggers, NARGIS’ partners and friends, adults and children attended the opening ceremony. The festive ambience was even more enhanced when the guests were treated with gingerbread cookies, as tasty as the installation itself.

Karabakh – Winter Wonderland” installation has been created in the shape of kharibulbul, a flower symbolizing Azerbaijan’s brilliant victory in the Patriotic War. Renowned Azerbaijani architects, engineers and talented pastry chefs have erected the miniature monuments of Azerbaijani culture, from the Shusha fortress walls through to the Aghdam mosque and Khudafarin bridges, as well as the new constructions in Karabakh such as Fuzuli Airport, and Baku's landmarks.

The exhibit information is on display together with QR-codes, which you may scan to get an overview of the monuments’ history and cultural significance. The information is provided in three languages on the website of NARGIS magazine.

The project strives to present the abundant culture of the Karabakh region to dwellers and guests of Baku, as well as bring the spirit of the upcoming New Year to children and adults alike. It has been inspired and led by Editor-in-Chief of NARGIS magazine Ulviyya Mahmudova.

It took the chefs 80 kg of flour, 15 kg of oil, 330 eggs, 20 kg of chocolate, 200 kg of marzipan, 250 kg of icing, 15 kg of honey, 3 kg of ginger powder, and a lot of candies to complete the installation. Over 40 marzipan figurines were made by hand; 30 gingerbread houses were installed, as well as over 100 gingerbread trees and 5 large Christmas trees. Lights are flickering inside the houses, a Ferris Wheel is spinning; over a hundred gingerbread men are roaming the streets, covered by sugar dust; they are dancing Yalli on a miniature Jidir Duzu, weaving priceless Karabakh carpets, and playing national musical instruments. You can photograph them freely and share the pictures across social media with the hashtag #nargisgingerbreadcity.

The exhibition will run until 13 January 2022. Entrance is free.

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