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  15 December 2021    Read: 845
 Azerbaijan, Turkey are

Last year’s conflict in the South Caucasus between Armenia and Azerbaijan put a spotlight on Baku’s close relations with Pakistan and Turkey.

Turkish-made drones helped Azerbaijan push out Armenian forces from the Karabakh region, which was at the center of the military escalation.

Simultaneously, Pakistan openly backed Azerbaijan’s position to defend a region recognized internationally as part its territory. Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Turkey have continuously backed each other on various international forums and on national interest matters.

Azerbaijan’s victory in the Second Karabakh War opened up new opportunities for Baku’s cooperation with Pakistan and Central Asian countries. Azerbaijan-initiated projects, as well as the unblocking of transport routes in the region, will allow Pakistan and Central Asian countries to gain access to the European markets via Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Speaking to on the topic, Qaiser Nawab, a strategic communications expert, said for Pakistan and Central Asian countries, Azerbaijan and Turkey are more relevant for economic relations due to their strategic position in global trade.

The Belt and Road Initiates (BRI) and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are the key development projects that will connect Central Asia to South-East Asia and the Middle East to Europe. Both Azerbaijan and Turkey have strong trade relations with Pakistan and Central Asian states.

The recent developments in Afghanistan and the new situation that emerged after the resolution of the Karabakh issue will ultimately turn towards peace which is a driving force for prosperity and sustainable development. Global conflicts and wars are not in the interest of humanity and global dignity. I believe that unrest in any part of the world, if it may be in Afghanistan or Karabakh etc, affects humanity and sustainability around the world.

Unrest, terror, distrust, miscommunication and political instability are the major hurdles in the way of bringing prosperity to the region.

For example transport, economic and knowledge corridors can be possible in a peaceful environment. Peace and trust-building are fundamental pillars through which we can achieve sustainable development and prosperity.  


Qaiser Nawab is an award-winning strategic communications expert with nearly 10 years of experience as an advocate for social change, a freelance journalist, Global Youth Leader, Founder Pakistan-Azerbaijan Alumni Association and an Expert on Sustainable Development Goals. 

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