Kazakhstan reveals amount of damage caused to facilities following riots

  06 January 2022    Read: 259
Kazakhstan reveals amount of damage caused to facilities following riots

The total amount of damage as a result of the riots in Kazakhstan was approximately 40 billion tenge ($92.5 million), including 39.5 billion tenge ($91.4 million) only in Almaty, AzVision.az reports with reference to "Atameken" National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan.

About 300 damaged shops, located at 43 facilities (including 12 shopping and entertainment centers and trading houses) were revealed as of 17:00 (GMT+6) on January 6.

The trade and catering facilities, transport, facilities rendering services, as well as ATMs were mainly damaged.

According to Kazakhstan’s Koramsak weapon association, six gun stores, namely, Korgan-Center LLP, Arma-56 LLP, Anna-16 LLP, Anna LLP, Oruzheinik LLP, Pro-Hunt, were looted in Almaty.

“It is impossible to assess the damage caused to most the tenants as it is impossible to enter these facilities,” the message said. “The facades, premises were damaged. The expensive machinery, equipment, interior items, goods were stolen.”

Kazakhstan's government announced late Jan. 4 that it was restoring some price caps on liquefied petroleum gas after the rare protests reached Almaty following a sharp rise in the price of the fuel at the start of the year.

Many Kazakhs have converted their cars to run on LPG, which is far cheaper than gasoline as a vehicle fuel in Kazakhstan because of price caps. But the government argued that the low price was unsustainable and lifted the caps on Jan. 1.

After the price of the fuel spiked, big demonstrations erupted on Jan. 2 in certain parts of the country. Public protests are illegal in the country unless their organizers file a notice in advance. Following the development of the situation, the government declared a state of emergency all over the country.

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