Azerbaijan raises state budget's social expenditures

  20 June 2022    Read: 147
Azerbaijan raises state budget

According to the updated forecasts of the state budget of Azerbaijan, social expenditures were set at 3.728 manats ($2.194 billion), which is 2.4% or 86 million manats ($50.6 million) more than the approved forecast, reports citing the updated draft law "On the state budget of Azerbaijan for 2022".

The draft law envisages 278.278 million manats ($163.791 million) (31.8 million manats ($18.715 million) or 10.2% less than the previous forecast) for social protection, 5.585 million manats ($ 3.287 million) (3,000 manats ($1765) or 0.05% more) for social security, 50,000 manats ($29,429) (unchanged) for applied research in the field of social protection and social security, 3.444 billion manats ($2.027 billion) (117.8 million manats ($69.335 million) or 3.5% more) for other enterprises and activities in the field of social protection and social security, 1.231 billion manats ($724.553 million) (86 million manats ($ 50.614 million) or more than 7.5%) for the funds allocated to finance the state budget liabilities in order to balance the budget of the State Social Protection Fund.

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