Ballot papers distribution for Azerbaijan's presidential election kicks off 

  30 January 2024    Read: 636
Ballot papers distribution for Azerbaijan

 Ahead of the upcoming extraordinary presidential election in the Republic of Azerbaijan on February 7, 2024, the distribution of ballot papers to district election commissions has commenced at the Milli Majlis (Parliament) printing house, Media and Communications Department of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Secretariat told reporters.

The process involves members of the CEC, and secretariat staff, along with the chairmen and secretaries of respective district election commissions.

"The process has been executed with openness and transparency, ensuring that all conditions are in place for international organizations, election observation missions, media representatives, and election stakeholders to closely monitor the proceedings," said the statement of the department.

"On the initial day, January 30, ballots will be transported to a total of 36 electoral districts. This includes electoral districts in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, polling stations in the territories liberated from Armenian occupation, as well as electoral districts encompassing remote areas of the republic. Over the following two days, the distribution will extend to all other electoral districts throughout the country, bringing the process to its full completion," the statement reads.

"Following the distribution of ballot papers produced under high-security conditions to the district election commissions, the subsequent processes of transportation, storage, and allocation to the precinct election commissions are safeguarded by the relevant bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs," the department added.

"During the event, media representatives were briefed on the requirements of the Electoral Code and the organization of the process of the preparation and secure delivery of ballot papers. Additionally, answers were provided to questions of interest to journalists," the Media and Communications Department of the CEC Secretariat said.

Upon the approval of the requirements for the text, form, number, and production order of ballot papers by CEC within the stipulated legal terms for the presidential election, the printing process commenced on January 24, 2024. In accordance with the Commission's decision, a total of 6,524,203 ballot papers were printed.

After the distribution of ballot papers to the district election commissions in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Electoral Code, they will be transferred from the district election commissions to the precinct election commissions no later than three days before the beginning of voting.

On December 7, 2023, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev signed a decree on holding an extraordinary presidential election in the country on February 7, 2024.

The Central Election Commission of Azerbaijan (CEC) on December 19 approved the candidacy of Ilham Aliyev, nominated by the ruling New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), for participation in the extraordinary presidential election.

Azerbaijan has registered 7 candidates to run in the extraordinary presidential election.

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