Azerbaijan's Karabakh issue closed, Russian ambassador says

  12 February 2024    Read: 308

Azerbaijan's Karabakh issue is closed, Russian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mikhail Evdokimov said in an interview with Izvestia, reports.

“Azerbaijan's Karabakh issue is closed. All these years, Russia has made efforts to resolve the Karabakh problem peacefully. Unfortunately, it did not work out: the issue was closed in September. Russia always plays a very important role in the settlement. Russia is ready to provide maximum support in negotiations for a peace treaty between the two sides.

Now Armenia and Azerbaijan are directly exchanging draft peace treaties. What the Azerbaijani side is offering is, in my opinion, absolutely justified, standard formulations and articles that, as a rule, exist in peace treaties between the parties. And, in principle, based on the proposals that Baku makes, it seems to me that these negotiations can be completed fairly quickly. We are ready to provide a Moscow platform, we are ready, if necessary, to provide our expertise, our advice on the text. Here we have very good interaction with our Azerbaijani colleagues,” the diplomat said.

Mikhail Evdokimov also noted that Russia and Azerbaijan are agreeing on the dates for the next round of negotiations on the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Karabakh.

“Currently, the dates of the next round of negotiations between Moscow and Baku on our peacekeeping contingent are being agreed upon with the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry; its terms of stay expire in 2025,” the ambassador said.

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