Western Azerbaijan Community slams Armenian PM’s anti-Azerbaijan statements

  12 February 2024    Read: 316
  Western Azerbaijan Community slams Armenian PM’s anti-Azerbaijan statements

The Western Azerbaijan Community has condemned Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s anti-Azerbaijani statements.

Pashinyan, in his latest interview, once again lied and slandered Azerbaijan, the community said in a statement, AzVision.az reports. 

“This is the same Armenia that kept Azerbaijani lands under occupation for 30 years, violating international law, the UN Charter, the Almaty Declaration of 1991, which Pashinyan himself refers to. This is the same Armenia that, until September 2022, did not use the phrase ‘territorial integrity and sovereignty of countries’ in its political vocabulary.

The man who in 2019 declared in the occupied territories: ‘Karabakh is Armenia, period,’ who during the Patriotic War conducted military training on Azerbaijani lands and gave orders for attacks, who denies the right of Western Azerbaijanis to return, having found himself after Azerbaijan’s victory in deplorable situation, now poses as a supporter of international law and sheds ‘crocodile tears.’

There cannot be a peace treaty in conditions when, on the one hand, Armenia talks about recognizing Karabakh as the territory of Azerbaijan, and on the other hand, includes in its action plan for 2021-2026 expressions that threaten the sovereignty of Azerbaijan, such as ‘status of Nagorno-Karabakh’, ‘secession in the name of salvation,’” the community said in the statement.




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